Diane Tate

Diane Tate
Leadership Council
Managing Director

Diane Tate has a bachelor’s degree in special education from Greensboro College and a master’s degree in social science from the Citadel. She has worked in the nonprofit arena her entire career, focusing on organizations that serve children in different ways: as a preschool director, an applied behavioral therapist for kids on the autism spectrum, and a therapeutic horseback-riding instructor for children and adults with disabilities. Ms.Tate serves on the Boards of The Palmetto Hope Network (www.palmettohopenetwork.org) and R.E.A.P.- Rural Education Advocacy Project (www.reapgh.org) and volunteers in her local community wherever she can be of service sharing her skills to amplify the voices of those living on the margins of our society.

Ms. Tate has unlocked her creative side as an artist, poet, and writer. She has published her memoir called Under the Radar: When Truth Hides in Plain Sight and is the proud mom to a grown daughter, who reminds her every day of what is important. She is a firm believer that you can't change what you don't acknowledge and that acknowledgment begins, for her, with a long look in the mirror. 

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