Working with the Media

No great social achievement will ever come until both the public at large, as well as our leadership, understand and are convinced of the merits of a cause. Media (and social media) is a powerful vehicle to get a message out, and a critical component to strong advocacy work. If you know how to work with various forms of media, you can help educate and activate towards a cause or issue.

Whether it is writing a letter to your paper, writing an op-ed, doing a radio or TV interview, holding a press conference or any other type of media engagement, we have tips on how to most effectively get the message out about the work of Peacebuilding.

Be sure to learn key points about your issue, whether it is legislation or an issue. You can download useful overviews of around peacebuilding at our resource page to pull key information.

Don’t be shy, and please, don’t ignore this important form of advocacy, peace on the planet needs you!