President Signs Violence Against Women Act into Law!

VAWA_victory4On March 7th, President Obama signed the Violence Against Women Act into law once again! It was a long road this past year, as it was allowed to lapse for the first time in it’s 18 year history. But now the important work it does is once again in motion, and it’s even stronger than before.

Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to the President, writes in her op-ed on Huffington Post that women will now have:

Better access to prevention and intervention programs to help break the cycle of violence… thousands of women and men across the country who are victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence and stalking will be able to access resources they need in their communities to help heal from their trauma.

Many thanks to the thousands of you who contacted your Members of Congress to urge their support! Collectively, as we use our voices, we have the power to help steer our nation in a more peaceful direction. This is yet another good example.

Doante_2012_250px(1)We are committed to working our hardest to keep pushing for smart, pro-active solutions that address the underlying causes of violence. Please help us continue to do our part to make peace a priority in our society by making a donation today.

We hope to see many more victories for peaceful prevention and intervention this coming year and beyond. Thanks again to each of you for your role in helping to make it a reality.

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