DC Lobby Days, July 22-24, 2012!


This event took place in 2012

Announcing Special Guest!
Phil Donahue

Shifting our Worldview:
From Punitive to Preventative & Restorative
From War-making to Peacebuilding
Forging a new Peace Economy 


Walk the Halls of Congress and make your voice heard! These three days will be an inspiring and celebratory time of connection with other like-minded peace advocates. We will learn, share experiences and inform our policymakers. Bring your kids and make it a family vacation. And don’t worry, we will train you!

This is an important moment in history for us to take a stand for the kind of world we want to live in, to advocate for the kinds of values we want to be our guiding force as a nation. The presidential and congressional election is around the corner, the work of peacebuilding deserves to be one of our highest priorities. Expressing our voices to our House and Senate members is one of the most powerful tools to affect change. Taking the time to travel to the nation’s capital to meet with your Members of Congress is considered one of the most influential actions we can take as citizens.

While the status quo and entrenched interests have a great hold on power, when enough of us rise up, shifts can and do occur.
capitol_grpThe current political path is too costly. OUR good news: the evidence in support of the efficacy of peacebuilding is on our side.

We are very excited to announce that cultural pioneer, Phil Donahue, will be joining us in D.C. this July. We will be screening his recent documentary Body of War, which he co-directed. Phil will be participating in a dialogue and Q&A around the film.

Body of War is an intimate and transformational feature documentary about the true face of war today. The film follows Tomas Young, 25 years old, paralyzed from a bullet to his spine – wounded after serving in Iraq for less than a week. Body of War is Tomas’ coming home story as he evolves into a new person, coming to terms with his disability and finding his own unique and passionate voice against the war.

There are many big conferences happening in D.C. at the same time we will be there. We HIGHLY recommend booking rooms now, even if you aren’t sure. You can cancel later. We have identified two hotels , one with special rates for our group. One is on the more affordable side, the other nicer but on the more pricey side.

Hotel Harrington
This hotel is a clean, convenient, and economical lodging option in D.C. It has an overall older style and feel, but it’s in a great location and includes a restaurant and gift shop in the lobby. Rooms can accommodate 2-5 people at $132-$162 per night, some even have two restrooms. Be warned, this is not a top-line hotel. We visited and it looked clean enough, but it’s at the low-end of acceptable hotels. There is also parking available for $16/day. Hotel Harrington is near the Old Post Office Pavillion, where you can travel to the top and get a great view of the city for free. You’re 2 blocks from the metro and just 4-5 blocks from the White House, Smithsonian museums, and Chinatown. If you’re looking for good food, take a stroll down E and F Streets to find restaurants such as Ollie’s Trolly, Ella’s Wood Fired Pizza, Co Co Sala Chocolate Boutique, Starbucks, and more. Reservations: 800.424-8532. Let them know you are with the group The Peace Alliance and receive 10% discount. Learn more at: www.hotel-harrington.com

Washington Plaza Hotel
Washington Plaza is a modern and comfortable hotel located at Thomas Circle and the historic 14th District. It is a much higher quality than Hotel Harrington. Amenities include a bar, lounge, outdoor pool, fitness center, and restaurant. It is located 4 blocks from the metro, 8 blocks from fun and vibrant Dupont Circle, and a short trek or metro ride away from the White House, Smithsonian museums, and popular DC monuments. Restaurants and cafes such as Caribou Coffee, Ghana Cafe, Post Pub, Subway and more are within 1-3 blocks near historic Logan Circle and McPherson Square. Reservations at 202.842.1300 or 800.424.1140. Let them know you are with group “The Peace Alliance”.www.washingtonplazahotel.com

(All details still being finalized and subject to change)

Lincoln Memorial
Holocaust Memorial Museum
Martin Luther King and Washington Memorial
Jefferson Memorial

Saturday evening the 21st: Optional twilight bus tour of our Nation’s Monuments for those who arrive early (There may be some additional fees for all touring activities to help cover costs, i.e. buses, site fees, etc.).

Sunday 22nd: In the morning, we are planning a group visit to the deeply moving Holocaust Memorial Museum, and home of the Installation: “From Memory To Action: Meeting The Challenge of Genocide,” which is an interactive installation that uses cutting edge technology and compelling eyewitness stories to invite visitors to join a growing community of people taking action against genocide.

We will spend the afternoon and early evening together connecting, learning the “how to’s” of lobbying, practicing our advocacy pitches, and hearing informative speakers on the issues we’ll be addressing with Congress.

Monday and Tuesday: Two days on The Hill. Experience the Congress and House in session. Visit the offices of your State’s Senators and Congressional Representatives to advocate for change… make a difference! Monday evening, we are planning to show Body of War with our special guest, Phil Donahue, followed by a Q&A with Phil. Tuesday we will continue meetings with Members of Congress, as well as an optional tour of the U.S. Institute of Peace (plans for this are still pending).

GETTING PREPARED: We will be working with you to connect with other attendees in your state and/or communities. Everyone from one state will join together to meet with each Senator’s office. Depending on the size of the state, you will also all join for individual House of Representative meetings. Logistics will be coordinated with you ahead of time. Also we are currently offering ongoing advocacy training through teleconference to help prepare you.

We want you there! Peace Makes Sen$e!


Can you make a donation us make our time in Washington as impactful as it can be? This will also help cover scholarships for those who need support.


Many Members of Congress will not actually be in town until later in the day on Monday, particularly those from the west coast. This is fine, in most cases you will be meeting with staffers anyway. However, staying through Tuesday will allow the chance to meet with Members, as well as visit additional offices. We each have two Senators and one member of the House of Representatives.

Registration Fee
We are working to keep the costs as low as possible to pull this off. Early Bird sliding scale fee of $100 to $250. Those who are able to pay at the higher end of the scale will help make it possible for those who need to pay at the lower end — and allow us to provide some scholarships.

Need Support Getting to DC?
Read our tips on raising funds to cover costs, including a sample letter to send to friends and family.

We will be posting more information soon. Including suggested hotels, travel arrangements, more details on speakers and timing for the days.

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