National Monthly Peace Action Call Saturday, March 14th

Heart Phoenix and Jeffrey Weisberg of River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding
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Heart--jeff-main-largeHeart Phoenix & Jeffrey Weisberg

[[First_Name]], we are pleased to be joined on this month’s Peace Action Call by Heart Phoenix and Jeffrey Weisberg of the River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding (RPCP). RPCP takes a coordinated and strategic approach within a community as well as with local and state agencies in addressing violence. With a continuum of prevention and intervention strategies that involve the general public, at-risk populations, and those that are healing from the impact of violence, RPCP works to embed best and next practices into the complex systems.

RPCP is doing phenomenal work. They are trailblazing a community approach to peacebuilding that we see as a national model we’d like to see all over the nation (and world).

The call will be on Saturday, March 14th at 1:00 pm ET, 10:00 am PT.  All are welcome to call-in and participate.

Join Heart and Jeffrey for an important conversation and Q&A on the powerful work they are doing, as well as a discussion of this month’s collective action — focusing on writing our Senators about the Youth PROMISE Act. We will also hear inspiring reports about victories our Action Teams from around the country have achieved. Click here to read this month’s Action Sheet.

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More about Heart, Jeffrey and The River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding:

Heart Phoenix is the RPCP Board President. Her work, service and activism has spanned over five decades. Having worked as an educator, activist and champion throughout the United States and numerous countries on environmental and animal rights issues, social justice, peacebuilding and gender equality, she brings the passion and energy of her name….Heart.  She is a co-founder of The Peace Alliance and is presently the Chair of The Peace Alliance Educational Institute.  She is currently living her dream as President of the River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding, in honor of her son. Her tireless efforts to launch and drive this work has lead to success in forming partnerships with the Department of Juvenile Justice, Florida’s State Attorney’s Office, the University of Florida and countless partners in peacebuilding. Her passion and commitment to nonviolence has been the center point of her life.

Jeffrey Weisberg is the RPCP Executive Director. He has designed, developed and implemented a wide range of programs and services in Gainesville, Florida and throughout the United States. His work with youth includes peer mediation, juvenile diversion programs, youth empowerment and coming of age programs. In addition, Jeffrey is using Restorative Practices to support the Department of Juvenile Justice, the court system, schools and communities to bolster alternatives to the punishment model.  He is a founding member of The Peace Alliance and has served on the Board for 8 years. He believes that by training and empowering both youth and adults to learn and practice  vital communication skills, we not only create greater connections with others but we can de-escalate conflict for a safer and more productive outcome.

River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding (RPCP) does its work in a myriad of ways.

They work in partnership with the Department of Juvenile Justice offering several ongoing programs including their Communication & Self-Esteem Classes to young people on probation or in detention in various locations in Alachua County.

Their program in partnership with the Gainesville Police Department, RED – Racial and Ethnic Disparities, is the development and facilitation of a series of trainings to build the relationship between law enforcement and black and brown youth by bringing them together where in safety there is truth telling, games, role play, learning of adolescent brain development, dinner in pairs and the conscious opportunity through communication to see the humanity in each other.  This training has helped to dismantle the stereotypes, beliefs that cause inflammatory attitudes and behaviors that can have a devastating impact for life. Every Officer in Gainesville will received this training.

Other Program areas include:

  • Mediation Services
  • Communication Skill Building
  • Peace Leadership Training
  • Peer Mediation for Schools
  • Peacebuilding 101
  • Restorative Justice
  • Juvenile Diversion Programs
  • Healthy Relationship
  • CEUs/Professional Development
  • Ecological Sustainability
  • Community Conferencing

Please join us for this dynamic discussion and learn more about the work of RPCP and how you can get involved in our actions to make a difference.

In Peace,


Matthew Albracht,
Executive Vice President

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