Lucky $7 For Peace!

Could you spare $7 for Peace? As the incredible youth of…

Students Inspiring Action Which You Can Support Now!

Supporter, all around the country yesterday, the young people…

Now Is the Time to Contribute

Dear Supporter, Since our inception 15 years ago, it has been…

We don’t need more Stuff, we do need more Peace! Letter from Judy Kimmel, Board Chair

Are you feeling overwhelmed and confused? I certainly find myself there more often than I’d like. The current rash of terrorism impacting France, Lebanon and elsewhere, the waves of refugees fleeing the Mideast,Donate the violence in our streets, the calls for increased unspecified military spending… the entire barrage pains my heart and leaves me feeling unsettled and overwhelmed. To add to the mix we are beginning to hear holiday carols, catalogs over flowing our mailboxes, the constant bombardment of holiday commercialism, asking us via Black Friday to buy our way to joy and contentment. Somewhere there is a major disconnect and I think I’m feeling it!

Fundraising Basics: A Step-by-Step Guide

Take a stand: all fundraising takes a deep level of commitment. It can be exhilarating, fulfilling challenging, and discouraging. Take a stand to fundraise, prepare and train yourself so you can succeed not only at raising money, but doing it in a way that reflects your values and relationships. To do that you must prepare yourself.

House Parties and Other Events

House Parties and Other Events“House parties” are a key part…