Students Inspiring Action Which You Can Support Now!

Supporter, all around the country yesterday, the young people of our country stood tall and loudly voiced their collective view: the gun violence in this country is unacceptable, enough is enough. It inspires great hope to see a groundswell of activism that is poised to carry us forward into a time of change. Honestly, it is breathtakin!

The Peace Alliance has long advocated for reduction in violence. Currently, there is a list of legislation that we support that has been submitted in both the House and the Senate related to Gun Safety. There are six bills in the Senate and nine in the House. The impacts range from re-enacting the ban on assault weapons to requiring background checks, from imposing waiting periods to purchase certain firearms to strengthening the Nation’s mental health infrastructure, from authorizing the Center for Disease Control to conduct research on firearms safety or gun violence prevention to establishing a Select Committee on Gun Violence Prevention.

Take action today. Click here, to sign a petition

logoThis will generate a letter directly to your elected officials — it only takes a moment! The letter says the following:
– Ask them if they are co-sponsors on these pieces of legislation, and 
– If they are not, ask them to become a co-sponsor. 
– Ask them to respond to you to let you know where they stand. 
– Ask them if they don’t support these bills, what then? 
– What will they do to become part of the solution to the Gun Safety problem that we face in this country, that is so tragically affecting our youth and our schools?

The petition is written for you – and you are invited to change it and personalize it in any way that you choose. All of the pieces of legislation are listed so that the Members of Congress can locate them. 

We all have a voice in this democracy! Please take a moment to reach out to your elected officials at this critical juncture, to carry the conversation forward and gain their support!

Let us know when you hear back, and what the responses are.

When we stand together, we stand strong — our country’s youth proved that yesterday.

Thank you so much,

Terry Mason and Judy Kimmel 
on behalf of The Peace Alliance Board and Leadership Council


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