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Why Become a Partner?

No great social achievement — from women’s suffrage to civil rights — has succeeded without the support of citizens willing to fund the dream into action.

The Peace Alliance is turning a minimum of dollars into a maximum effect.  By making simple regular monthly (or quarterly) contributions through your credit or debit card, you help ensure that we have a stable, predictable income stream to fund our many programs. As you make the commitment to be a Peace Partner, you are joining our sustaining stewardship program.

Think about it, if just one thousand people sign up to regularly donate $15, $20, $30, $50 or any other amount each month (the price of a just a few lattes from Starbucks!), then we will be able to ensure this movement for a culture of peace is sustainable, effective and continuing to grow.Your funds will go directly toward manifesting our national strategy for 2011/2012, such as further professional training of our grassroots volunteers, including Congressional District Team Leaders and State Coordinators (already working in more than 250 congressional districts in all 50 states around the nation!); lobbying members of Congress to support this legislation; increasing outreach to university and college campuses through the Student Peace Alliance; coordinating a national media campaign; expanding our research into effective programs (something we are routinely asked for by members of Congress and their staff); and expanding our Washington, D.C. office!If you are already a monthly donor, please consider increasing your donation.

If you are not already a donor, please become one now. We also gratefully accept one-time donations.

Help make this historic legislation into the law of the land — what a gift to give for generations to come. We hope you will join us. We simply cannot do it without you.

Thank you for your support!

All of us at The Peace Alliance

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