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The Audacity to Wield Power, by Marianne Williamson

Marianne Williamson, a founder of The Peace Alliance, has written an insightful article posted on Huffington Post. “Since the Civil War, America has recreated a virulent economic dynamic the likes of which, in part, we fought a War of Independence to be free of: A veritable aristocracy that, in keeping with its own self-declared entitlement, takes for the most part whatever it wants, and leaves the rest to us.”

Check it out!

Action: Urge Congress and President to cut Pentagon spending, protect peacebuilding

As the budget debate plays out around our national debt, one item that can make a tremendous impact has not been getting the attention it deserves — Pentagon spending. Not only do we spend more on defense than any other nation in the world, we spend almost as much as the entire world combined. In short-sided thinking, most of the debate is around cutting social services.

Tell Congress and the President that you do not want devastating cuts to critical prevention and intervention programs.

Peacebuilding Structures Growing in Federal Government

Over the last two years support has grown in Washington to prioritize peacebuilding and to re-organize the Foreign Affairs bureaucracy to elevate the prominence of peacebuilding within our government. Read an overview of some of the exciting developments.

Become a Peace Partner: Help Sustain our Work

We face a myriad of challenges, including war, gang violence, suicide, bullying, depression, domestic abuse, workplace conflict, personal stress and more. At this moment in history it is imperative that we invest in and prioritize work and practices that can help foster the peace that we all desire. We cannot do this without a large-scale constituency working to make it so. That is our core mission and the task before us. It’s why we need your help!