Action: Urge Congress and President to cut Pentagon spending, protect peacebuilding


As the budget debate plays out around our national debt, one item that can make a tremendous impact has not been getting the attention it deserves — Pentagon spending. Not only do we spend more on defense than any other nation in the world, we spend almost as much as the entire world combined.

Defense related spending accounts for nearly 60% of our federal discretionary spending. Yet, in short-sided thinking, most of the debate is around cutting social services.

Tell Congress and the President that you do not want devastating cuts to critical prevention and intervention programs.

We would like to see at least $1 trillion cut over the next decade to free up sorely needed funds for critical social services and especially to see much greater shift towards investments in peacebuilding work that will make a real difference and save our country billions of dollars.

In the upcoming budget battle, if Congress fails to do its job and sequestration becomes reality, cuts to programs across the board will likely mean devastating cuts to prevention and intervention programs of all kinds — including violence prevention. We know already that good prevention & intervention more than pays for itself.

Please sign the petition, write Congress and the President Today!

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