Victory! President Obama signed an Executive Order to institutionalize the Atrocities Prevention Board

Hope ImageWe have some big news to share. Late last week, President Obama signed an Executive Order to institutionalize the Atrocities Prevention Board. While this is less permanent than passing the Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Act into law would be, it’s still a major accomplishment, strengthening early warning and response to mass atrocities and violent conflicts as a focus of US foreign policy.

The Atrocities Prevention Board:

  • Coordinates agencies across the US Government to more effectively prevent mass atrocities and violent conflicts.
  • Improves mechanisms for early warning of conflicts that might become deadly and mass atrocities.
  • Ensures that all agencies of the US Government incorporate a sensitivity to atrocities into their planning and operations.

The executive order also includes provisions requiring the Atrocities Prevention Board to issue public reports and to meet with civil society (that’s groups like ours!) on a regular basis.

Peacebuilding progress like this does not happen randomly. It happens because people like you know your power and take action. On the Hill and in the White House, people have noticed your passion for these peacebuilding issues, and it’s made a real difference in changing the priorities of the US Government.

Thank you for all your support, attention, and actions taken towards assisting in this success, it’s made a real difference.

You may or may not be aware of this, but we are the one of the only organizations that focus exclusively on peacebuilding policy and legislative advocacy. Peacebuilding is a critically under-served field that needs far more attention and support than it is getting. The challenges are tremendous, it’s true, but so is the sophistication and effectiveness of peacebuilders.

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Jeff Pudlo
Legislative Director, Peace Alliance

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