Terry Mason

Terry Mason
Board of Directors
Chair, The Peace Alliance Educational Institute (C3) and Treasurer

Terry actively joined The Peace Alliance in 2005 as District Team Lead, and then Southern California State Coordinator, becoming a member of the Board in 2009. Her passion for peace stems from a desire commonly felt by many — to leave a better world for future generations. Growing up in activism, her parents were focused towards environmental and historical preservation goals, in addition to the arts. Terry views her activism for peace as all-encompassing, honoring those foundational areas and more, finding a place for that fundamental desire that is practical, concrete and productive.

Having enjoyed a few different careers, beginning as a performer touring with ANNIE, 42nd STREET and CATS, then co-owning a boutique relocation consulting firm in Chicago, she now works as an Agile Coach at Accenture in Business Agility. She also coaches clients privately with Coach for Connection, www.coachforconnection.com. Her wonderful and creative husband, Paul Chepikian, is an actor, www.chepikian.com. Terry and Paul live in Encino, CA with their dog, Biscuit.

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