Judy Kimmel

Judy Kimmel

Judy Kimmel
Board of Directors
Chair Emerita, The Peace Alliance (C4)

Judy has worked in the areas of education, business marketing, personal growth, management and political advocacy most of her life. Her career encompasses elementary education, retail and franchise creation and management, and nonprofit management, strategies, and expansion.

Judy began her career teaching, moving to retail development in Supercuts Corporation as a franchisee, then to Primo’s Coffee Inc. owning eleven retail locations. She and her husband currently own Kimmel & Company, a business and family consulting company. Her career in the political space began with running the California Presidential campaign for Rep. Dennis Kucinich. Her nonprofit career includes The est Foundation, and the Beyond War Foundation, and serving on the Board of Marin Rowing Association establishing and expanding their outreach and national impact.

Coaching in the private and public sectors and serving on nonprofit Boards is her passion. Recently she co-authored the Book SELF with her husband Joel. Judy is dedicated to powerful interpersonal communication, political advocacy toward nonviolence, and transformational relationships with family, community, and in business.

Judy has been featured in INC magazine, MARIN magazine, CBS 60 Minutes Bay Area, and is the recipient of the Marin County Democratic Party Peace Award. She is a Master Rower, having won multiple national and international gold medals. Judy lives with her husband in Marin County, California.

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