Seize the Day!

Now is a transition time, a time to act, a time to

“Seize the Day!”

We need your support to manifest growing civil dialogue, and return to our founding principles. As a part of upcoming Giving Tuesday, please consider a special donation at this important time.

In Washington since the mid-term elections, there is an undercurrent, an opening, a new listening which we can expand to the full advantage of peace, non-violence and social justice. Your dollars will increase our capacity to do that through building much desired coalitions, expanding our voice in the House and Senate, readying our initiatives and advocating for worthy causes.

Donate now.

Much has been accomplished, and there is much more to do

  • Funding to maintain the US Institute of Peace
  • Support for State Department peacebuilding efforts
  • Educating local communities on the cost of youth violence
  • Advocating for a US Department of Peacebuilding
  • Supporting the myriad of positive solutions already working in the field
  • And much, much more.

Your dollars will make the difference. Donate today.

Please contribute to this worthy work. It will be used with a global perspective and with great care. No matter what your capacity, you are an important part of our peacebuilding community and greatly valued.

In appreciation and peace,

Judy Kimmel

The Peace Alliance Board of Directors and Leadership Council


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