National Peace Call with Congressman Dennis Kucinich – Listen Now!

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kucinichWe were excited to have a very special guest for our recent Peace Alliance Orientation call – former Congressman Dennis Kucinich!

As you may know, Congressman Kucinich was the primary author and main champion of the Bill to Create a U.S. Department of Peace – in 2001 and every Congressional session since then – until he retired and passed the torch to Congresswoman Barbara Lee in 2012.

He continues to be a force for positive cultural change through his new organization Kucinich Action, which supports candidates for public office at various levels – from federal to local – with the aim of having positive effects in areas such as peace, economics, healthcare, and the environment.

The monthly Orientation Call is primarily a chance to learn about The Peace Alliance – our history and our approach – and to prepare for the possibility of joining or forming a Peace Alliance Action Team in your community – or a Student Peace Alliance Action Team on your campus!!

Learn more about starting a Peace Alliance Action Team here.


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