Faces of Peace Stories


Andy Barker

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, Social Mission Specialist

“I work for Ben & Jerry’s because I believe in our Social Mission, which is an intention to make our Company a force for social and economic justice in the world. I am the Face of Peace.”


Kim Weichel

Peace x Peace, international women’s peacebuilding organization

“I’ve witnessed racial violence and experienced the suppression of women, and I am committed to building peace. I am the Face of Peace.”


Juan Pacheco

Advocating for non-violent communities

“I used to be a gang member, now I work with at-risk youth, helping them transform their lives. I am the Face of Peace.”


Miki Kashtan

Bay Area Nonviolent Communication

“I grew up in Israel, one of the most tortured pieces of land in the world. Now I dedicate my life to making war obsolete. I am the Face of Peace.”


Rita Marie Johnson

BePeace and compassionate communication

“I founded Rasur International, which aims for every student to learn the BePeace practice and then pass this skill to the next generation. I am the Face of Peace.”


Steve Killelea

The Global Peace Index: a way to measure and better understand peace

“I created the Global Peace Index to provide a way to measure and better understand peace. I am the Face of Peace.”


Rich Dutra-St.John

Challenge Day, where every child feels safe, loved and secure

“After growing up in an emotionally volatile and physically violent home while being bullied throughout middle school and beyond, I have committed my entire life to making a positive difference in the lives of others. I am the Face of Peace.”


Stephanie Mann

Advocating for children’s safety

“I work to reduce criminal activity in neighborhoods by empowering residents to boldly stand for safety and civility. I am the Face of Peace.”


Jamira Burkley

Evidence-based programs for youth violence prevention

“My brother Andre was murdered; now I use my voice to prevent harm from coming to others.”


John Filson

U.S. international policy and conflict prevention

“I help connect U.S. officials with civil society leaders from settings of violence and war so they may learn more about conflict prevention.”

Read more spotlighted stories from Faces of Peace here.  You can also read inspiring stories from people around the world who are posting sharing their own stories here.  Please post your own story today!


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