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faces-wheel-small-2The Faces of Peace
 highlights the inspiring stories of peacebuilders in our communities and around the world, who are leading the way by showing that peace is possible, practical and already present in all kinds of ways, including simple actions in our everyday lives.

A wide variety of effective peacebuilding practices have been used to prevent and resolve conflicts large and small. Since this work goes largely unrecognized and underfunded, even many practitioners in the field do not see or define their work as peacebuilding – nor do everyday individuals who engage in daily acts of peace.

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Among the general public, few people have an understanding of what peacebuilding looks or feels like, and few are aware of the tools available to mitigate and address conflict without violence.

The Faces of Peace initiative takes this challenge head on – giving voice, texture, feeling and context to the vital work of peacebuilding. The new website also provides you with an opportunity to share your own story as a “face of peace” and for the community who inspires you. We promote and celebrate both the acknowledged work already being done and the role each of us can play as a face of peace in our own lives.

By spotlighting the many faces of peace, we hope to illuminate the vast depth and reach of this fast-growing field to strengthen and empower the movement to build and sustain a culture of peace for the 21st Century and beyond.

Imagine… millions of people being exposed to the uplifting stories of ordinary people who make our world a more peaceful place.

    • Teachers who bring conflict resolution education into classrooms
    • Practitioners working in prison programs that help inmates turn their lives around
    • Individuals learning new skills and taking daily actions to be more peaceful at home, at work, and in communities
    • Sophisticated programs and policies that can prevent conflict from erupting into violence, including war
    • There are countless examples, both large and small, that can be spotlighted and implemented at a much larger scale.

With your active participation and support, The Faces of Peace will serve as a social forum to generate connections, provoke discussion and spur momentum to invest in peace as a public and political priority. The creation of a much stronger web of common support and
wide-spread public understanding of peacebuilding can change the focus of our entire nation.

You are the Face of Peace!
5 things you can do to help:  
Please help us strengthen and empower the movement to build and sustain a culture of peace for generations to come.

  1. Spread the word! Use email, Facebook, Twitter, whatever you can to share the good news about this new initiative.  Help us spotlight these Faces! Use tools at top of this page. You can also hand out or email this flyer about The Faces of Peace.
  2. Tell your story! Post your own story as the Face of Peace!
  3. Make a Donation:  Large or small, any donation will help.  We hope to raise enough money to get these stories out in creative ways, to media, and beyond.  Join our Faces of Peace Facebook cause and make it contagious.
  4. Join the Movement:  Get involved in your community to work for peace advocacy.
  5. Make a commitment to practice peace in some new way:  whether it’s a daily choice or a larger effort.  Work for peace!
read-more-face Read more spotlighted stories from Faces of Peace here.  You can also read inspiring stories from people around the world who are posting sharing their own stories here.  Please post your own story today!
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