Action Team Orientation Call Oct. 1st

WEDNESDAY October 1st, 6:00 PT, 9:00 ET

Join us!

We will be hosting a newcomer orientation call to share with you more about what we are up to at The Peace Alliance and Student Peace Alliance, as well as how you can get involved in your community to help us build peace and form Peace Alliance Action Teams. Teams

Our Action Teams are our primary strategic ‘peace force’ – developing relationships with Congress, the Media, Coalition Partners and many others in ways that transform our society, creating political will for breakthroughs in peacebuilding.

Help build a world where:

  • Communities are safe, loving and nurturing for all our kids.
  • We invest in programs that prevent conflict, before it erupts into violence.
  • We smartly intervene when crime or violence does occur, looking to restorative & rehabilitative models.
  • Millions of peacebuilders are at work in conflict hotspots around the world.
  • We empower ourselves and our families with the interpersonal skills to live a more peaceful life.
  • Our policies and laws match our peaceful values.

Connect and build community with people who share your desires for spreading the peace and working the levers of power to make it our cultural norm.  Learn more about starting an action team in your community here.

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