Welcome Diane Tate!

We are more than thrilled to announce that Diane Tate is our new Managing Director for the Peace Alliance. Diane was a former State Coordinator for the Peace Alliance in South Carolina so she brings substantial cultural history and institutional knowledge to the job.

Our Board has spent four months in a search for the right person to fill this strategic role as we launch into the New Year of 2021. The Governance committee was honored to have received so many fine applicants. As an organization, we see this coming year as a new launch pad for amplifying the power and impact of our work presented in our Five Cornerstones of Peace and the BluePrint for Peace endorsement statement. With her extensive not for profit experience, we know that Diane can lead the way in these areas.

Peace filled solutions in the areas of Social Justice, nonviolent schools and community peacebuilding are critical to the future of this nation, as is the awareness that we must walk our talk to maintain equilibrium and mindfulness. Diane’s background as a manager skilled at program development, leading volunteers, and cultivating relationships with community and corporate partners will make a great contribution to The Peace Alliance. She has embraced diversity and challenge, employing technology and fostering teamwork to effectively meet program and mission goals in several previous nonprofits, chiefly The Sophia Institute, Trident United Way, and Charleston Area Therapeutic Riding, Inc.

Please join our Board and Council Leads in welcoming Dee to our virtual organizational community!

In peace and  partnership!

Judy Kimmel and Terry Mason

and The Peace Alliance Board of Directors

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