Ways to Give

The work of The Peace Alliance is predominantly funded by individual donors who know that investing in peacebuilding works. Our goal is to make peacebuilding an economic priority at every level of our society—from individual to national. We have several “Ways to Give” outlined for you below.

Stewardship Programs

Recognizing the long-term nature of the movement and importance of consistent, predictable funding, we are focusing on increasing our stewardship programs. These ongoing “sustaining” contributions create a powerful foundation to ensure the movement’s effectiveness.

There are three stewardship levels. Each represents a deep commitment to the movement to create a culture of peace in our communities, states, nation and world.

  • Peace Alliance Partner: Become a core financial supporter by contributing regularly to The PEace Alliance. You can give monthly or quarterly. Click here and make a recurring donation to become a Peace Partner.
  • Guarantee Fund Member: Pledge to contribute at least $1,000 annually for the number of years you choose. These funds “guarantee” the long-term strength of the movement. Your donations can be made monthly, quarterly or annually. Click here to join the Guarantee Fund or contact us for more information.

Additional Giving Opportunities

One-time Donations:

We are grateful to receive one-time donations in any amount. Click here to donate.

A Gift of Peace:

Give a loved one the gift of helping build a future of peace by donating to The Peace Alliance in their name. Use our standard donation page, and simply complete the “In Honor Of” portion. They’ll instantly receive an email notifying them of your gift. You can also ask them to do the same for you!

Personal Donation Page:

The Peace Alliance allows you or your group to create your own personal donation page. Set your financial target, let friends and family link directly to your page, receive an email every time someone donates through your page, and track your results. Once your page is set up, you can always find it again through your profile page . Start now! You can also use this Search Tool to see if anyone you know has already created their own fundraising page.

Stock Transfer:

Make a stock, bond or mutual fund gift to The Peace Alliance or Peace Partnership International. For details, contact our Washington, DC Buisness Office.

Affiliate Shopping Links:

Do your online shopping via our affiliate links and a portion of your purchase will come back to The Peace Alliance. We have links with Amazon.com and iGive as well as other corporate sponsors. You can find them all on our webstore page.

Search through iSearchiGive:

Use iSearchiGive as your internet search engine and every time you search for something on the web, you’ll be raising money for The Peace Alliance! Just register with iGive, and surf away. You can even add their search bar to your browser toolbar so it’s always convenient. It’s the easiest way to donate ever! Learn more about how it works here.


Most foundations are unable to provide grants to The Peace Alliance due to our lobbying focus. Foundations may prefer to donate to Peace Alliance Educational Institute. Contact us for more information.

Special Projects:

Contact us about additional opportunities for major donors to fund specific projects, such as “adopting” an intern, sponsoring a retreat or training event, sponsoring a peacebuilding roundtable, funding production of major outreach materials, and more. Depending upon the project, donations may be tax-deductible.

Airline Mileage:

Travel to support our diverse grassroots network is a significant need. Contact us to discuss donating your unused miles.

Host a House Party:

Share your home for an informational and fundraising event. Learn more here. Depending upon your location and needs, we can provide either local grassroots organizers or national staff support. Contact us to be connected with our National FUNdraising and Events team.

Corporate Sponsorship:

Would you like to donate a portion of the proceeds from your business activity to The Peace Alliance contact us for more information, and to see if we’re a fit.


Time and talent is an inestimable contribution. Contact us to donate a specific skill or service. Examples include graphic design, web design, copywriting, technical support, marketing and public relations, event coordination and more. We’ll work with you to create a specific agreement around hours and services. Of course, be sure to also volunteer with your local grassroots group, which is one of the highest contributions you can make.

Note that donations to The Peace Alliance are not tax deductible as they support our grassroots organizing and lobbying efforts. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation, please contact us for more information.

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