House Parties and Other Events

“House parties” are a key part of our grassroots efforts to spread our message and raise funds for the The Peace Alliance and our work. They are also a great way to identify volunteers and build momentum to create a culture of peace.

“House parties” come in many different forms: at-home gatherings, church educational evenings, lunch talks at service organizations, etc. They can be as big (or small) as you want them to be.

In its most basic form, a house party is an evening in your home. Simply invite friends and family, show a campaign DVD, talk with them about the campaign and your work with it, and invite them to join you in this important work, either by volunteering, or by becoming a Peace Partner, our monthly donors sustaining the national campaign. Links to all of those types of materials are below. No matter what happens, you get to enjoy a great evening talking about important issues with good friends.

You can also build on this basic template for a larger event. For help, ideas and inspiration, our includes a complete planning guide; sample invitation, event program, and fundraising appeal; guidelines for handling donations and  a checklist of materials you’ll need.

Links to Useful Materials

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