Tell Senate to Fund the United States Institute of Peace

An update on USIP Funding:  During mid-November the Senate was expected to consider funding for the U.S. Institute of Peace as a part of the State and Foreign Operations budget.  Yet due to concerns about other portions of the State Foreign Operations appropriations bill, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid pulled the appropriations proposal from the Senate floor.

So, in classic Washington style, we are uncertain when USIP will be considered again on the Senate floor.  But we do know that USIP stands stronger now than it has previously.  Several weeks ago there was talk of a likely dangerous amendment surfacing in the Senate debate, one that  would eliminate or significantly reduce USIP funding.  But as the proposed voting date drew near, no signs of an amendment surfaced.  This is good news, for which we are grateful.  We’re hearing from friends in Washington that our calls, petition signatures and the work of our allies had a substantial impact to build further support for USIP in the Senate. 

Sign the petition now to keep funding for USIP a top priority as the debate continues. 

In the coming weeks we will keep monitoring the Senate’s appropriations debate and will also start turning our eyes to the House.  We will keep you in the loop.

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