Thank Oklahoma Senator Inhofe for his support of the Youth PROMISE Act!

Youth PROMISE ActSenator James Inhofe (R-OK) is the Republican lead sponsor in the U.S. Senate of the Youth PROMISE ACT (YPA), along with Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA).  YPA will give our communities much needed support and funding to effectively address the prevention of youth violence issues.  YPA ensures we are funding programs that save lives and give every young person the opportunity to meet his or her potential.

OKLAHOMA RESIDENTS: click here to thank Senator Inhofe for his leadership & urge him to champion the bill, encouraging his party members to sign on in support. 

MAKE A CALL: A phone call can have even more impact. Senator Inhofe’s D.C. Office: (202) 224-4721.  Tell them you are a constituent and thank him for his leadership on S. 1307, as well as encourage him to get his colleagues to join him as co-sponsors.

He is a highly respected Republican among his party, and his voice is particularly powerful.  He is uniquely qualified to get this bill passed into law.

The Youth PROMISE Act (Prison Reduction through Opportunities, Mentoring, Intervention, Support, and Education) is bipartisan legislation (H.R. 1318 & S. 1307) that will give our communities the support and funding they need to effectively address youth violence issues.  By specifically focusing on violence prevention and intervention strategies, this bill ensures we are funding programs that save lives and give every young person the opportunity to meet his or her potential.

The United States now has the highest average incarceration rate of any nation in the world, and the cost of incarceration in our country has risen to over $65 billion a year. All the credible research and evidence shows that a continuum of evidenced-based prevention and intervention programs for at-risk youth will greatly reduce crime and save much more than they cost.  We must engage youth in positive ways through education, after school programs, as well as family and community support to keep kids away from the dangers of gangs and other violent activities.

Local PROMISE Coordinating Councils will create a plan and be funded to implement proven or promising programs that could include the following areas of support to at-risk youth:

  • Early childhood development services
  • Mentoring programs,
  • Conflict resolution skills training,
  • Arts,
  • Life skills,
  • Employment and recreation programs & summer jobs,
  • Targeted gang prevention & intervention,
  • Mental health services
  • Alternatives to detention and confinement programs, and more.

Oklahomans, contact Senator Inhofe Today!

This action tool is restricted to Senator Inhofes constituents in Oklahoma.  If you live outside of Oklahoma but would still like to contact him to thank him, you can call his office here: (202) 224-4721

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