The Peace Alliance is committed to growing a movement of a million strong for peace. Together, we will create a critical mass necessary for peacebuilding to be our societal norm. We can make it happen!

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We are a grassroots educational and advocacy organization focused on transforming how individuals, communities, and nations respond to conflict and violence. The prevention and intervention solutions we promote have proven effective in saving lives and dollars while enhancing cooperation skills and increasing social resilience.

Peacebuilding, Our Next Frontier.

We champion evidence-based peacebuilding* legislation and policies by encouraging policy-makers, the media, and the public to support these conflict and violence reduction approaches.

Five Cornerstones of Peacebuilding
The Peace Alliance specifically prioritizes the following areas:

  Empowering Community Peacebuilding: community_peacebuildingSupporting comprehensive activities and strategies in communities working to address such challenges as crime, violence, and gangs. Effective programs may include hands-on street outreach and intervention, mental health services, out-of-school programs, police/community relations, and arts-based practices. Learn more!

  Teaching Peace in Schools: teaching_peace_in_schoolsBringing into our schools conflict resolution curricula with tools such as social-emotional learning, communication techniques, restorative processes, mindfulness and other proven peacebuilding skills to increase graduation rates and transform violence, bullying, truancy, and other challenges facing youth. Learn more!

  Humanizing Justice Systems: humanizing_justice_systems_100Moving away from overly punitive policies,  toward healing-oriented criminal and juvenile justice approaches. Restorative justice, diversion/alternative incarceration programs, trauma-informed systems, and prisoner rehabilitation & re-entry programs are among the most promising solutions. Learn more!

  Cultivating Personal Peace: cultivating_personal_peaceIntegrating peace in our own lives, with our children, in our relationships, in the workplace, and in our approach to activism, through such methods as compassionate communication, mindfulness, empathy, and stress reduction. Learn more!

  Fostering International Peace: fostering_international_100Championing peacebuilding approaches to international conflict and atrocity prevention in hotspots through mediation, diplomacy, and effective on-the-ground programs. Important components may involve development, post-conflict justice, humanitarian aid, mediation and support for frameworks necessary for democratic processes. Learn more!

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We recognize the powerful complementary work of millions of peacebuilders doing this conflict resolution work around the globe. We aspire to create a unifying platform, to strengthen and expand a vibrant peace movement that brings effective solutions to bear on the challenges we face in our personal lives, our communities, and across our planet.

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I commit to being a part of Be the Movement. I will invest time, energy and/or coin, at whatever level I’m able, to building upon one or more of these five cornerstones making them a core part of the foundation of our society.

* Peacebuilding is a broad field that covers a wide spectrum of approaches beyond what we spotlight in on in these five cornerstones. Our focus is primarily on those tools that directly improve the basic ways we relate and communicate with one another — enhancing greater cooperation. We advocate for policies, legislation and systems needed to move the work of peacebuilding forward. We welcome the work of all peace advocates and diverse peacebuilding organizations. Our hope is to align our intentions and collective peacebuilding actions for a brighter future.

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