Action Team Leader Guidelines & Responsibilities

Action Team Leadership will call on you to be your best – to be available, accountable, and devoted.  Please read on, to learn a little more about what this leadership might look like, and hopefully to take a giant step towards becoming the kind of peacebuilding champion we need.

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Become a Peace Alliance Action Team Leader in your Community!

  •  Assume a leadership role and become an effective citizen advocate for peacebuilding!
  •  Meet, organize and work with others in your community who are also committed to create a more peaceful and cooperative world!
  •  Make a positive impact in the United States to support a world that works for everyone!


As an Action Team Leader you will have the opportunity to work in your local community to garner support for our initiatives by building a network of local volunteers. You and your team will: contact congressional offices, inform the local media, educate the public on issues related to the legislation, build local coalitions, and assist in raising funds to support our joint effort to bring peace to our planet.

You do not need to be an experienced community organizer or have a background in the political process to take advantage of this exciting and inspiring opportunity. It is your commitment to, and enthusiasm for, working with others to bring forward a culture of peace that will make you an effective and productive leader!

The Peace Alliance is committed to assisting you and to providing you with all the information and training you need to become the best Action Team Leader you can be. We are confident that you will find the experience energizing, exciting and one that will enable you to join with others in your community who share your desire for a positive future.

Action Team Leader Guidelines

As an Action Team Leader, you will be the contact person for your community and the main link to The Peace Alliance office.  Action Team Leaders should expect to spend a minimum of a couple of hours per week working in this role to be an effective advocate and organizer. Your role is not to do everything, but to facilitate the work of others who are interested in supporting our initiatives. (Some communities even have co-team leaders or rotating leadership).

Below you will find a suggested list of responsibilities for an Action Team Leader. The Peace Alliance has many coaching tools available to assist you on our website and via training and support conference calls.

Action Team Leader Responsibilities

To serve as an Action Team Leader and to be recognized on The Peace Alliance website as a contact for your local area, you will be asked to complete the following basic tasks on an ongoing basis:

  • Answer all emails and phone calls – from people responding to your Action Team Leader link on The Peace Alliance website, or from individuals requesting information about your local group and the possibility of their own potential involvement.
  • Establish and help facilitate a local group to take the monthly action, which may include: contacting and meeting with congressional staff and your Members of Congress, working with local media, coalition building and community outreach, and generating fundraising events and opportunities.
  • Visit The Peace Alliance website and review our emails on a regular basis to stay current.

If you step up as Action Team Leader, you will:

  • Gather your team in person for the monthly national conference call
  • Print out enough copies of the monthly Action Sheet (which we will provide)
  • Facilitate a monthly meeting
  • Participate in three other conference calls per month, where leaders will
    • Share victories and strategies
    • Learn from the experience of other Team Leaders
    • Receive coaching on being the most effective instrument of peace that you can be.


We are confident that it will be deeply rewarding, inspiring, empowering, and educational. Contributing your skills and energy to this important local task will have global implications as we work together to build a culture of peace.

Please also review:
Peace Alliance Core Values

We are here to support you. We know that your desire to join with others in your community who share your desire for a peaceful and cooperative society will enable you to draw on your leadership skills to organize effective actions. We will supply you and your team with relevant information, powerful trainings and ongoing updates that will inspire you and make it possible for you to make a significant difference in your community, in our nation and in our world.

If you are ready for this, we are thrilled for this chance to cooperate with you!

Click here to sign-up as an Action Team Leader in your community!

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