Talking Back to Hate

uri_logo_starHate speech, discrimination and bullying are global problems that can affect any of us.

Our Friends at the United Religions Initiative have launched a new campaign that we are partnering in.

As people of many cultures, faiths and backgrounds, we’re committing today to take specific steps to address hate and discrimination in our communities, and to work for a world where every person, regardless of their ethnicity, race, religion, culture, gender, orientation or ability, is treated with respect and is safe to be themselves.  We call upon our political and community leaders to make new efforts to secure and defend these fundamental human rights for all people, and to speak out together against acts of hate, discrimination and bullying.

Each of us commits to find specific ways to act on these values of tolerance and respect in our daily lives.

Each of us also commits to take action with a particular emphasis on September 21st, 2013, the UN International Day of Peace, to counter hate, bullying and discrimination, and to encourage positive speech and respectful dialogue in our communities.

Learn more and make your commitment!


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