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If you haven’t been following us on Facebook and Twitter, you may have missed a lot of good information from the peace world.  Below are some informative, challenging, and inspiring items related to peace — from the political to the personal.


Restorative Justice is On The Rise Huff Post Article


Join us Weekly for Restorative Justice on The Rise Webcast!Read this popular Huffington Post article by Molly Rowan Leach that provides powerful evidence of the huge transformation happening within justice as we know it. Restorative Justice is changing the way people across the board think about conflict, crime, and the optimal path to resolution and even healing. The article outlines the

Recent passage into law of HB 13-1254, The Restorative Justice Pilot Project, in Colorado, and the strong numbers coming from programs in motion that point to huge cost savings and diving rates of recidivism. Learn more about TPA and Restorative Justice…


Building Peace: A Forum for Building Peace in the 21st Century

Building PeaceCheck out the inaugural issue of Building PeaceBuidling Peace shares stories of people, communities, and organizations that are transforming the face of peace and security around the world.

The first issue, Integrating Peace and Security in a Complex World, provides an introduction to the multi-faceted peacebuilding field. Its authors represent multiple viewpoints, cultures, and contexts. The voices and issues in Building Peace create a nuanced vision for peace and security, describing the many paths of peacebuilders, and emphasizing why peace is an integral – and obtainable — part of our lives. Too often the compelling stories of how conflicts are ended and by whom, and how nations become more peaceful and stable are lost in the media glare of war, terrorism, and bloodshed. Integrating Peace and Security in a Complex World addresses the who, what, where, and how of peacebuilding.  Check it out today!

The Alliance for Peacebuilding (AfP) is responsible for the publication of Building Peace.  AfP is seeking a part-time Building Peace Editorial and Marketing Assistant for Fall 2013


Peace Alliance Seeks Artists & Graphic Designers

TPA Seeks Graphic Design Help!If you are a talented graphic designer (particularly for print layout of things like brochures, business cards, etc.), and/or an artist who can create powerful and beautiful images related to our mission, and want to help out our cause for peace. We are especially looking for someone who wants to dedicate some time to a cause based organization and would offer a discounted rate or work as a volunteer. But please send your information regardless.

Learn more here…


Rethinkers’ call for conversations, not suspensions, in New Orleans schools

Article by Danielle Dreilinger, | The Times-Picayune

Linking arms before a standing-room-only crowd, almost 40 New Orleans students said the answer to reducing school suspensions and violence is a set of techniques that lets kids talk out their problems and come to a solution together. Suspension should be used only as a last resort. Rethinkers are a group of students dreaming big about the changes they want in their schools and taking action to make those dreams a reality. The idea is simple: students are experts on their school experiences and deserve a voice in education reform. Visit the The Rethinkers website, where you can find out more about how to take action in your own school.


Climate Change And Violence Linked, Breakthrough Study Finds

Climate Change and Violence are correlatedArticle by Robin Wilkey


“Substantial shifts in climate change are strongly linked to human violence around the world, according to a comprehensive new study released Thursday by the University of California, Berkeley and Princeton University.  The research, which was published in Science, examined 60 previous studies from all major regions of the globe. The results suggest that changes such as drought, flood and high temperatures strongly correlate with spikes in conflict.” Read full article…

Inspiring Peace Quotes New Webpage

Check out The Peace Alliance’s Inspiring Peace Quote page for socially shareable peace quotes–favorites and more, plus great postable images. One of the great things about virtual technology is the ability to spread peace….socially. Help keep it on all your friends’ timelines week in and out!

Go to our quotes webpage…

Get full version of quote from MLK, Jr at left here.

Food For Thought: Skyrocketing Incarceration Rates in the U.S. + Educate v. Incarcerate

From 1980 to 2008, the number of people incarcerated in America quadrupled-from roughly 500,000 to 2.3 million people.

– Today, the US is 5% of the World population and has 1/3 of our world’s prisoners (while we are a bare fraction of the total global population).

– Combining the number of people in prison and jail with those under parole or probation supervision, 1 in ever y 31 adults, or 3.2 percent of the population is under some form of correctional control.Check out Graph and full info…

Plus, click here for full image and info from Educate v. Incarcerate cost comparisons at right.

10 Startling Facts About People of Color and Criminal Justice in the U.S.


A New Approach to Curbing Violence in Schools: NBC Nightly News Video


A Chicago school is taking a new approach to dealing with violence, and the results are indicating success. NBC’s Rehema Ellis reports.

NBC News video


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“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

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