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Nobel Peace Prize Announced
Amplify the Peace: Write a Letter to the Editor in Response!

“Let’s Honor our Own Local Nobel-Worthy Laureates”

On Friday, October 11th, the Nobel committee announced this year’s Peace Prize winner, a U.N. back chemical weapons monitor group doing important global work as watchdogs for chemical weapons manufacture and use.  The Nobel committee stated: “Recent events in Syria, where chemical weapons have again been put to use, have underlined the need to enhance the efforts to do away with such weapons.”

We plan to use the timing of this years announcement to continue the peacebuilding conversation with our local newspaper editors and the public by writing letters to the editor using the Nobel Peace Prize announcement as our news “hook.”

We are taking this opportunity to laud the achievements of our local neighborhood peacebuilders – whose work is so necessary and will be so greatly aided by passage of legislation like the Youth PROMISE Act.

Reducing youth violence and incarceration – through practical, local, money-saving peacebuilding methods – and promoting the Youth PROMISE Act is what we are pitching with this action.

► Join us by writing a letter to the editor using our easy online tool

Our quick and easy to use tool will identify your local paper, and provide an easy way to write, with special bullet points ready to use.

A special congratulations to a number of our Action Team leaders and supporters who have joined us by writing Op-Eds.  Several have been published already, including in the Tallahassee Democrat, the Gainesville Sun, the San Antonio Express, Illinois’ Southtown Star and Herald News (letter), and Huffington Post.  If one of these is your paper, please read and reference the Op-Ed.

Help us amplify all this good news and messaging by writing a quick letter to your own paper.

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