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From the most recent Civility in America: A Nationwide Survey from Weber Shandwick and Powell Tate:

“Three-quarters of Americans believe that incivility has risen to crisis levels, a rate that has significantly increased since January 2016.”

The feeling that politicians are at the root of our society’s spreading incivility runs deep. Most Americans say that uncivil comments by politicians and other leaders encourage even greater incivility (79%).”

Finally: “However, Americans are willing to take some actions to prevent incivility from becoming further normalized.

The Peace Alliance is offering an action.

We are asking all citizens, elected officials and candidates to endorse the Declaration for Civil Dialogue and Common Understanding

In these critical times, individually and as a nation, we must move our conversations forward in a positive and fruitful way, understanding that we may not all agree at all times. However, we can be open, listen, and learn from each other’s insights and identify shared priorities. This new understanding moves us toward identifying those principles and programs that are in alignment and can direct us toward a more positive future.

You are a vital part of this initiative to energize our national conversation on this topic. 

  1. Sign the Declaration now
  2. Share with your family, community and network, passing the opportunity to others
  3. Take printed copies to your local organizational meetings and groups, then add those names to the online Declaration (Some helpful How-To’s are also available online under Declaration for Civil Dialogue)
  4. Use this Declaration as a topic of engagement with your local and national representatives and candidates, encouraging them to engage and sign

In the next few weeks, we will be hosting online meetings with thought leaders in this area, to support and expand this initiative. Be on the look-out for those invitations, and please join us!

Be a part of the campaign to change the discourse in our nation!

In peace and  partnership!

Judy Kimmel 

and The Peace Alliance Board of Directors and Leadership Council

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