Another Mass Shooting: This must not be our legacy. Sign Petition

Friends, it’s certainly been a tough few weeks with so much news of violence around the planet. Just yesterday, we had another domestic mass shooting here in the U.S., in San Bernardino, CA. This is becoming all too commonplace and is so disheartening.

PetitionOur hearts go out to all in the San Bernardino area.

Regardless of the motivation of these shooters, it is clear we need to make fundamental shifts in how we are organizing ourselves in America and around the world when it comes to dealing with violence and conflict — shifting towards systemic healing and restorative oriented approaches. This gets to the root cause of violence on the planet.

Many parents need increased skills to nurture their children and function better amidst conflict. Our schools must bring social and emotional learning skills into the classroom, teaching kids how to better deal with conflict and get fundamental emotional needs met. Our communities need to have structures and programs in place to better alleviate and prevent the ravages of violence. Our justice systems need to focus on restorative approaches that focus on repairing harm done. Internationally we must focus on peacebuilding efforts that are already showing tremendous effect in war-torn regions. There is much that can and must be done.

But we need you to help make this a reality.

SIGN PETITION: Join us by telling your Members of Congress and the President that we want them to support Five Peacebuilding Cornerstones. >>

Growing breakthroughs within these five key Peacebuilding Cornerstones offer great hope, demonstrate proven effectiveness and are ready to forge bold and comprehensive national policies:

  • Empowering Community Peacebuilding
  • Teaching Peace in Schools
  • Humanizing Justice Systems
  • Cultivating Personal Peace
  • Fostering International Peace.

Even if you’ve written and called them before, please do so again.

As a signer of this platform, you will join in persuading the President and Congress to support transformative national policies that empower cost-effective and life-affirming conflict resolution and peacebuilding.  And we need to have a serious conversation about the availability of guns in our nation.

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Bob Baskin
President, Peace Alliance



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