Upcoming Events

Join Day of Healing and Reconciliation After Our Election

This past election day was a shock to everyone’s system no matter what your political persuasion and we wanted to let you know that we are there with you. We believe it is important that we see this outcome as a call to engage with each other in a deeper and more authentic way, walking our talk of peace and reconciliation.

Call to Calm: Rita Marie Johnson – Audio Posted

Listen to the third Peace Alliance Call in our “Call to Calm Series” with Rita Marie Johnson. Rita Marie was instrumental in the eventual inclusion of peacebuilding in the federal government through Costa Rica’s Ministry of Justice and Peace. In 2004, Rita Marie also began offering what she coined the "Connection Practice" in Costa Rican public schools.

Call to Calm Dialogue – Stephen Dinan – Audio Posted!

Please join us on July 11th for part two of our Call to Calm election series dialogues with leading American thinkers. We will be joined by Stephen Dinan, a social entrepreneur and political strategist, and the CEO of The Shift Network. Stephen will be talking about how we can bring peace and civility to the Political season, as well as sharing about his new book, Sacred America, Sacred World: Fulfilling our Mission in Service to All.

Call to Calm: A Conversation with Sylvia Boorstein – Audio Posted

Join The Peace Alliance in a national conversation with Sylvia Boorstein on how we can nurture a more peaceful and respectful way of engaging each other, thriving in diversity, and collectively benefiting from this election season. We have this opportunity to unite in our intentions, navigating the months ahead and bringing about a greater peace in the midst of so much negativity. This is the essence of Peacebuilding at its most powerful.

Peace Alliance National Monthly Action Call Tuesday, September 13th

There has been significant recent movement on a few of our policy priorities! Hear updates from our Legislative Director, Jeff Pudlo, on the Congressional status of the Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Act, federal sentencing reform, and more. You are invited to participate by joining us, Tuesday, May 10th, at 9pm eastern, 8pm central, 7pm mountain, 6pm pacific (and 5pm Alaskan), for our May National Action Call.

2016 Pies for Peace Action

Every year, peace supporters across the nation take pies to their local Congressional offices with a message that “peace deserves a piece of the pie.” We are talking of course about peace and the work of peacebuilding being made a budget and policy priority. It’s always a fun and connecting activity, and we’ve found it to be very effective.

Teaching Peace in Schools Virtual Summit Feb. 1 & 3

This free virtual telesummit features inspiring wisdom and leadership from the field of Restorative Justice and Social & Emotional Learning in schools. It will explore bringing these critical skills into school communities. Join us! As new generations of youth learn these essential building blocks of a lasting peace, it could change our world!