Outreach Materials & Documents

You can download flyers and materials from this page and post them in your community to help us spread the word: give to friends; post in churches, coffee houses, universities, health food stores; or use at your house party or fundraiser. They are also great to use for tabling at events. These documents are either .pdf’s or .doc files, click to download.


Be the Movement! and Five Peacebuilding Cornerstones Flyer

Peace Alliance Org Overview  Student Peace Alliance Overview  

The Leading Edge of Peace | Community Youth Peacebuilding Solutions

Key Statistics on Violence & Crime | Key Statistics on Effectiveness of Peacebuilding | The Economics of Peace

Effective Domestic Peacebuilding Program Examples

Citizenship Primer  |  Grassroots Organizing Handbook

(Single page information sheets – printed front/back)

Empowering Community Peacebuilding

Teaching Peace in Schools  |  Humanizing Justice Systems

Cultivating Personal Peace  |  Fostering International Peace

Be-the-Movement-Overview– Five Cornerstones Brief Synopsis 



YPA Overview & Key Highlights (8-19-15) |

Evidence-Based Solutions  |  Endorsements

Full House Bill Text

Sample Endorsement Letter (can be personalized and used by orgs or city councils, etc., to be sent to Members of Congress)

Old: Assessing the Need | YPA Postcard (.pdf) (.doc) (for tabling or getting friends to write congress)

Youth Violence Prevention Organizing Handbook (produced by our sister org., The Peace Alliance Educational Institute)


Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Act Overview

Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Act Section by Section

Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Act Talking Points



Key Highlights  |  Talking Points  |  Bill Text (HR 1111)

Endorsements (individuals & organizations)

Evolutionary Statement  Postcard Template  |

Endorsement Form- if your org wants to endorse

Frequently Asked Questions  |  City Council Endorsements

MAKING THE CASE FOR PEACE These are great documents to read for your own awareness as well as to bring to Members of Congress for theirs.

Global Peace Index  U.S. Peace Index Overview

Making Cents of Peace Whitepaper

CDC Public Health Approach to Violence Prevention

UNITY’s Youth Violence Prevention Policy Platform

Preventing Mass Atrocities Handbook 

The Faces of Peace Handout

PeacePie chart 2016


Donation Form  Step-by-Step Fundraising Guide

House Party Handbook


Sign-up sheets:
Peace Alliance Sign-Up Sheets vs. 1
  |  Sign-up sheet vs. 2 

Student Peace Alliance Sign-up Sheets 

Tabling Supporter info Template (excel file for entering sign-ups to turn into TPA office and get uploaded to our database)

Peace Alliance Logo Sheet  Youth PROMISE Act Campaign Logo Sheet

Student Peace Alliance Logo Sheet 

Sample TPA Organization Power Point Presentation

Hot Tips for Advocacy


HOW TO: Connect with Congressman on Facebook and Twitter