Teambuilding Tuesdays!

5th Tuesday of the month on the few occasions when the month contains five Tuesdays.  See our Calendar for related links.

5:30pm PT/ 8:30pm ET and all times in between.

WE NEED YOU! With all the shift and transition our society is in right now, and with the upcoming mid-term elections and all that follows, we need you on our team!

Have you wanted to learn more about our Leadership Council committees, based on our 5 Cornerstones, and how you might be able to bring your time or talents to get involved? This call is for you! Whenever there is a fifth Tuesday in a month, we will have a Teambuilding Tuesday Call so you can talk to our Leadership Council Team Leads about how you can be a part of building peace.  Join us!!

Mailing Address:

2108 Military Rd

Arlington, VA, 22207