Marianne Williamson – A Woman’s Weekend

Dear Women Friends,

My upcoming WOMAN’S WEEKEND is just two weeks away. I’m excited by the group that is gathering, both live in Los Angeles and on livestream, for what I know will be a transformative weekend.

Women today are living at the effect of a chronic trauma that infuses our modern world. Much of that trauma is centuries old, while much of it is a reflection of very contemporary issues. Some of it emanates from realities in the outer world, while some of it emanates from within.

This roiling anxiety — obvious in our high rates of drug addiction, high blood pressure, depression, chronic illness and inability to sustain meaningful relationships — now underlies our entire civilization. It is the source of the deep unhappiness so many experience in our daily lives. We must address this and transform it, so that all of us can take our part in a great and glorious revolution of consciousness that awaits us on the journey ahead.

The WOMAN’S WEEKEND will be a very personal look at your own life: your past, your interior world, your relationships to people, work and power, and most importantly of all, your relationship to God. In that primary relationship – our holy connection to the spiritual ground of our being – we find healing, repair, and the ability to rise up and do for others what love has done for us.

If this sounds like a journey for you, I hope you’ll join me on August 17-19, Live in Los Angeles or on Livestream.

For the women who participate, I know the WOMAN’S WEEKEND will make a difference. My prayer is that it shed the greatest light possible.

With love,


Aug 17 - 19 2018


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