Fall Advocacy Days

September 17-20, 2023.

We’re traveling to DC again! If you’ll be joining us live in DC, we’ll gather for training (also via zoom) at 2pm ET Sunday the 17th and will be attending meetings and dropping off materials Monday (18th) morning through Wednesday (20th) afternoon; we’ll meet each morning at 9am (or whatever time makes sense according to scheduled meetings) before going to the Hill; you can join us for 1, 2 or 3 days.

We also encourage people to participate from home via zoom.  Flyer with registration and other links here.  Also, consider the NVC training on August 5:  SPEAKING TRUTH WITH CARE:  How to listen and speak in a way that lets others know they matter, even when we do not agree with them.


Sep 17 - 20 2023


Pacific Time
All Day
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