June 2022 Selection

Join us for the Book Club on June 28th

Consciousness-Raising Book Club

4th Tuesday of every month. See our Calendar for related links.

5:30pm PT/ 8:30pm ET and all times in between.

A Book Club for Those Yearning to Be and Know Peace


Books have the potential to inspire us to grow and learn across multiple intersections. They provide us with ways to deepen our personal growth and sense of peace. They can allow us to examine our relationships – who sits at our table, who does not, and why?  Books can inform us about community peacebuilding? Who is doing it, how is it done and what are the results? What are the alternatives to conflict? How is peace created moment-by-moment, step-by-step, within and without?  Let’s learn and grow together.

Diana Oestreich, a combat medic in the Army National Guard, enlisted like both her parents before her. But when she was commanded to run over an Iraqi child to keep her convoy rolling and keep her battle buddies safe, she was confronted with a choice she never thought she’d have to make. Torn between God’s call to love her enemy and her country’s command to be willing to kill, Diana chose to wage peace in a place of war. For the remainder of her tour of duty, Diana sought to be a peacemaker–leading to an unlikely and beautiful friendship with an Iraqi family.  A beautiful and gut-wrenching memoir, Waging Peace exposes the false divide between loving our country and living out our faith’s call to love our enemies–whether we perceive our enemy as the neighbor with an opposing political viewpoint, the clerk wearing a head-covering, or the refugee from a war-torn country. By showing that us-versus-them is a false choice, this book will inspire each of us to choose love over fear.

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