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Consciousness-Raising Book Club

4th Tuesday of every month. See our Calendar for related links.

5:00pm PT/ 8:00pm ET and all times in between.

A Book Club for Those Yearning to Be and Know Peace


Books have the potential to inspire us to grow and learn across multiple intersections. They provide us with ways to deepen our personal growth and sense of peace. They can allow us to examine our relationships – who sits at our table, who does not, and why?  Books can inform us about community peacebuilding? Who is doing it, how is it done and what are the results? What are the alternatives to conflict? How is peace created moment-by-moment, step-by-step, within and without?  Let’s learn and grow together.

About the book:

This book has been called “a scholarly masterpiece and a literary odyssey” and hailed for introducing “exciting new concepts” into the field of peace studies and cultural studies such as “cultural therapy, cultural shadows, cultural transcendence, and existential multiculturalism.”

Dr. Garfield Vernon, is a Washington, D.C.-based author, administrator, researcher, speaker, world traveler, and the recipient of many professional and academic awards. Dr. Vernon has served in many roles as a peacebuilder. As a university lecturer, he has presented before many world leaders. He has served at the United Nations and as Vice President of an international non-profit organization.

Dr. Vernon’s book includes his life journey and how his experiences have shaped his novel; ground-breaking reflections on our present cultural situation; and how a deeper awareness of our new digital environment and the application of psychotherapeutic techniques and existential perspectives may enhance world peace, and provide fresh new solutions to the challenges facing the global community today.