Condemn Election Violence: Organization or Notable Public Figure Endorsement Form

If you are an organization or notable public figure, please use this form to sign-on in support of this statement:

“I pledge my full support to promote peace and patience as election tensions grow and speak out explicitly against violence and threats of violence that undermine our American ideals and aspirations.”

Doing so will list you on our website as an endorser. We may be in contact to verify authenticity.

Condemn Election Violence Sign-on: Organizations and Individuals

  • Is there someone ideologically different than you, whom you would like to endorse alongside? We want to highlight good examples of unlikely bedfellows condemning violence together. Please list name here. Let us know in the notes section if you have or plan to reach out to them or already have thier confirmation.
  • Let us know if there is anything else you would like to share.
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