Breaking News: Part of Youth PROMISE Act Passes!

We have an exciting celebration to share. Thanks to all your hard work, Congress passed some meaningful provisions of the Youth PROMISE Act as part of the final version of the Every Student Succeeds Act, S. 1177, creating school based PROMISE plans to reduce exclusionary discipline. It is likely to be signed by the President soon.

CapitolYouth PROMISE Act champions lobbying
Congress in DC during our Oct. conference!

The Peace Alliance has been working in support of the Youth PROMISE Act as our top legislative priority for several years, and Representative Bobby Scott, the bill’s sponsor, has repeatedly credited us credited you – with creating the support in Congress he needs to get the Youth PROMISE Act passed.

Our voices can have a major impact in our government. The most powerful words you can say to a Member of Congress are, “Hi, I’m your constituent”. Today, that power carried the day.

Some of the elements that passed which we are most pleased by, include provisions for: Youth PROMISE Plans, effective and trauma-informed practices in classroom management; crisis management and conflict resolution techniques; school-based violence prevention strategies and more. We’re still going to work hard to pass the full Youth PROMISE Act, and there are big things in the works — you should expect to hear more on that soon.

Please consider a DONATION today to help us work even harder to finally give our communities the relief and support they need through passage of the full Youth PROMISE Act.

We are committed to keep working to find new ways to Humanize Justice Systems, to Teach Peace in Schools, to Empower Community Peacebuilding, to Foster International Peace, and to Cultivate Personal Peace, and we need your help and support to do it.

In Celebration,

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Bob Baskin
President, Peace Alliance


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