Let’s help the Youth PROMISE Act Pass this year!There is currently a bill before the U.S. House of Representatives to establish a United States Department of Peacebuilding. Take Action Now!

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Petition: Fund Intl. Peacebuilding in 2016 Budget


Right now, Committees in the House and Senate are starting to draft the 2016 Budget, and acting now, at the early stage of the process, few things are decided and we have a much greater opportunity to influence the process. But that means that we have to act right now to make sure important Peacebuilding programs will be fully funded in 2016.

U.S. Dept. of Peacebuilding Legislation Re-introduced!


The 114th Congress has come into full session and it's that time again. Legislation calling for the establishment of a cabinet-level U.S. Department of Peacebuilding (HR 1111) was re-introduced Friday in the U.S. House of Representatives by Rep. Barbara Lee (CA-13). Let’s show our support.

2014 Annual Report

Read our 2014 Annual Report, highlighting our accomplishments. It's thanks to so many of you, that we are able to achieve what we have been able to.

Petition Action: Humanizing Our Criminal Justice System


During his State of the Union Address, President Obama powerfully called for reform of our nation’s criminal justice system as an important priority over the coming years. Please join us today to help him jump start this effort. Sign our quick petition to Members of Congress urging them to support smart peacebuilding approaches in our communities around the nation.

CA Peace Alliance Builds Bridges for Peace with the CA Democrats-Report from Nancy Merritt

Bella Pelosi, Nancy Pelosi's granddaughter

The CA Peace Alliance continued building bridges for peace at the CA Democratic Party (CDP) Executive Board meeting in San Diego in November. Three times each year, CDP elected officials and grassroots party activists meet to set policy for the Party. During the weekend meeting, the CA TPA focused on expanding support for our peacebuilding initiatives – including the U.S. Department of Peacebuilding Act (DoP), the Youth PROMISE Act (YPA), restorative justice, restorative practices and Proposition 47 reforms.

The Seven Initiations of A Great Peacemaker: Audio

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 2.55.01 PM

Our Executive Vice President Matthew Albracht is a faculty member of The Peace Ambassador Training, an easy-to-access online certification program that provides you direct interaction with some of our world's strongest and most influential voices in the field of peacebuilding and beyond. In addition, Course Creator James O'Dea is also an Adviser of The Peace Alliance. During the 16 Sessions you receive, share, and test tools along with faculty that represent the areas that make up full-fledged peace activism: including Justice, Communication, Inner Activism, and more. If you sign up for the PAT, 20% of proceeds will come to us--a great way for you to participate while also supporting the efforts of The Peace Alliance.

Live Telecouncil with Charles Eisenstein: Tues., Jan. 13th

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We are pleased to announce that our dialogue series (both on Pacifica affiliate radio and telecast as of August 2014) Restorative Justice on The Rise will host Charles Eisenstein for a lively virtual forum on justice--specifically restorative justice--and his thoughts on the current transformation we are experiencing. We have a huge amount of respect for Charles and his globally-appreciated work that is catalyzing positive change and solutions-building, and encourage you to get involved by signing up now, and also submitting your questions which will be considered for the live conversation.

The Gift of Peace


At this time of year, I want to personally write to our supporters and tell each of you how very much you are appreciated and how you have helped make a difference. Achieving peace is a process, requiring commitment, perseverance, education, and persuasion. It is with your help that The Peace Alliance has been able to empower our grassroots network to utilize these characteristics to build a more peaceful and caring society. At this giving time of year, we hope you will consider a donation to support our continued peace efforts.

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