Tips for Writing to Your Legislators

Nine Tips for getting your legislators’ attention in a letter

  1. State your reason for writing. Identify your subject clearly, giving the name of the legislation you are writing about, and the bill number if you know it.
  2. Draw from your own personal experience. Tell how you believe the legislation would affect you, your family, your community, or your country.
  3. Use your own words, and avoid stereotyped phrases that sound like form letters.
  4. Be sure to thank your legislator if they have done something you think is right on a particular issue.
  5. Be as brief as you can without losing the message you want to convey.
  6. Be reasonable. Don’t ask for the impossible or engage in threats.
  7. Ask your legislators to state their positions on the issue in their replies. You are entitled to know. Put your return address on the letter. Envelopes get thrown away.
  8. Time the arrival of your letter so that it reaches the Capitol before legislation is acted on in committee or on the floor.
  9. Write on personal letterhead (if you have it), and be sure to sign your name if you have a typed letter.