Fundraising Tips and Pointers

Fundraising is a critical component of any successful undertaking; from hosting a birthday party to building a new library and certainly for a maintaining a the work that we do. Fundraising, however, is often an area of volunteer work that many people shy away from. Since most people have not liked the experiences they have had of being asked for money, they do not want to stimulate similar discomfort (guilt, embarrassment, obligation, etc.) with their friends, family and associates. Their relationships and the depth of their connections are too important.

We would like you to consider learning the right way to ask people! To ask in a way that is respectful, inspiring and gives the freedom of full choice to the potential donor.

As we develop a supportive network of citizens around the US for the peacebuilding initiatives, one way that everyone can help is to contribute their own financial gift, at whatever level works best for them. Increasing the number of people who donate monthly is essential for us to create the stability and foundation for a sustaining the work that we do. Remember that some of the changes we are working for could take many years to fully come to fruition. A financial base will give this us the persistence required for success.

But let’s start at the beginning. Are you and your family willing to become a Peace Partner, and donate a fixed amount monthly at a level that is both fiscally responsible and makes you happy?

Before anyone can fundraise for a cause, they must begin with themselves. Once you have settled this question for yourself you can begin to ask others to join you. Money is powerful in bringing ideas to fulfillment. Without money, countless great ideas and dreams have died. Building a financial base is critical to our success.

Each Congressional District Team is invited to explore how they can forward our national goal of reaching 1,000 monthly donors.

Review our Step-by-step guide here.

Outline of fundraising strategies

A. One-to-one campaign

i. Each person in the team sign up themselves/and or family member(s)
ii. Each also commits to signing up one, two, three , five, or ten other people
iii. Make a list of 4 X the number of donors you intend to recruit.
iv. Send each of them an email or snail mail note that you would like a time to talk or meet with them about your work in the Peace Alliance.

1. I usually say: “I would like to meet with you about what things we are each involved with and see if there is overlap and if so, how we might work together to forward our common goals. How does that sound to you?”

B. Host a fundraising party in your home or office and invite neighbors and colleagues.

i. Make a invitation list. Use your address book and email address book so you don’t forget anyone.
ii. Set a date that works for you and allows you time to invite people well in advance.
iii. Send out email and/or written invitations (see
iv. Confirm everyone by phone or in person, using the invitation only to let them know you will be reaching them.
v. Create an agenda for the evening with open time for connecting.

1. Watch a streaming video of Walter Cronkite and Dennis Kucinich.
2. Ask people to become Peace Partners–while they have the papers in their hands. Make it possible for them to use your computer and sign up that night. From the front of the room you want to be sure that someone asks, that there are people collecting forms in the room.

C. Cultivate a major donor

i. Identify someone in your network who has larger giving potential.
ii. Take a packet of information to this person and ask them to have a discussion with you about joining our efforts.
iii. Set a date to talk with them.
iv. Get coached to make this process the most productive it can be

D. Host a larger fundraising event

i. Create a team of people that will host a fundraising event with over 50 people and a target of raising between $5,000-10,000 or more.
ii. Download House Party template
iii. We also can provide you and your team with a personal coach to plan and implement a larger event.

Fundraising is about sharing our dream for a more peaceful world. It is about finding those with whom we share this dream and invite them to own it and invest in it with their time, energy, reputation and money.

How much would a more peaceful world be worth to you? How much is less violence in our schools worth? How much is less crime worth? We can create the world we want with our money. Peace is for sale. The question is “How much of it are we prepared to buy?”