Celebrating 15 Years Today!

We are proud and excited to share that The Peace Alliance was launched fifteen years ago today, on March 31st, 2004. On this anniversary, we reflect back on all the hard work we have done together, with your support.

It was co-founded by internationally acclaimed author, activist and speaker (and now Presidential candidate), Marianne Williamson along with a team of leaders who wanted to take the work of peacebuilding and make it a national and international priority through policy and legislation, as well as embodied in our everyday lives. Our committed focus has been on proactive approaches to cultivating peace.

Our efforts started with a national grassroots campaign to establish a U.S. Department of Peace. It has grown to include other legislation, policies and concepts that support a culture of peace.

We have helped train citizen activists in hundreds of congressional districts and high school and college campuses around the country (in partnership with the Student Peace Alliance).

Our supporters and teammates have generated thousands of visits to Members of Congress along with hundreds of thousands of letters and phone calls in support of a more peaceful approach to the challenges faced by our nation at home and abroad.

We have held dozens of regional and national conferences, featuring such leaders, luminaries and artists as Walter Cronkite, Rep. Dennis Kucinich, Deepak Chopra, Patch Adams, Steven Tyler, Judy Collins, Joaquin Phoenix, and many others.

Our work and initiatives have been featured on CNN, NPR, on talk shows and op-ed’s across the country.

At the heart of everything we have done has been our grassroots leadership, who have worked tirelessly to help bring peace to the forefront of our national conversation. They provide the guidance and support that expand the scope and possibilities of our organization.

We feel proud of what we have all accomplished together. We continue our commitment.

Please help us celebrate and continue our legacy by making a DONATION today!

In Peace,

All of us at The Peace Alliance

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